New Reading Entertainment

Adapted for Mobile Devices

 lIlustrated characters

and dialogue drive the story

Storytelling in a

Film Script - Hybrid Format

for Imaginative Minds

You are about to read a compelling story in THREE ACTS.

Reads  faster than a traditional eBook 

Fun to scroll down

on a reflowable layout

Reading experience enhanced on

a black background


"What would you do if your enticing enemy had the secret power to mess with your destiny? 




Log line:  

Valmi, next in line to the throne, is instructed by her ancestors through a labyrinth of virtual adventures on how to become a successful queen. But can she resist the devilish charms of a dynastic rival with the perfect plan to take the throne for himself?

Rivalry, Love, Allegiance, Treason, Coalitions, Betrayal, Leadership, Murder, Decadence, Epic battles, Revenge and a Ghost seeking redemption...Fortunes swing back and forth in these epic adventures of the Montgomery Kings.

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